Boston Viola Lessons

With ten years of private and group lesson teaching experience, I can help you realize your goals – whether you’re learning to read music, working toward a competition or audition, or just hoping to make music more fun! Please visit my contact page for inquiries about private lessons or chamber music coachings.

“I’m incredibly fortunate to have found a teacher like Maureen. A couple years ago, when I’d graduated from college, I felt very hesitant about taking lessons. I’d experienced a wide variety of teachers in college, and I’d realized how crucial it was to find someone who could guide me in a way that didn’t feel forced or unnatural, but rather in harmony with my own observations and experiences.

Maureen recognizes that each musician is different: we have different bodies, finger lengths, bone structures, flexibilities, etc. She didn’t try to put me into a box. Instead, she asked me to become aware of my body and attempt to find the answers to my own questions. She asked me what felt right and what felt wrong, and she challenged me to experiment with my bow grip, my violin setup, my posture, bow strokes, etc. I love her insights and ideas, her patience and enthusiasm, and what initially drew me to her: her musicality. To top it off, she is also a yoga teacher, and when I was recovering from carpal/cubital tunnel syndrome, her stretching and strengthening exercises were very useful. Anyone looking to grow as a musician will gain a lot from Maureen – I really couldn’t ask for anything more from a teacher!”

– Peggy W.

“I really enjoyed having Ms. Heflinger as a teacher. She was patient and fun.”
– Cierra, age 7